court order

August 12, 2010



Contact with my Grandchildren

October 19, 2009

I shall never forget the day when, after going through months chemotherapy for breast cancer, Paul Terry telephoned me to say that his daughter, my son’s wife, Sarah Louise Ashford, had made an allegation that I had assaulted her. I hadn’t assaulted her and didn’t know what he was talking about. He seemed to be gloating as he said that I would “never see my grandchildren again”. I protested my innocence, and asked about my rights, to which he replied “rights? you’ve got no rights. I have people coming to the school all the time with bits of paper from the court about their kids. I just tell them to piss off and throw the paper in the bin!” the shock nearly killed me.

8 months later and 1000 pounds spent on solicitors fees and Sarah retracted her allegation. My ex husband, Nicks father, and the rest of Nick’s family decided that no one should ever be left alone anywhere with Sarah.

I did get to see my Grandchildren again, but, as I predicted she would, Sarah and her twisted family have turned on Nick. Now he battles in the court to gain access to his children.

Are these suitable people to be around other peoples little children at the shrubbery school, which Paul owns?

important notice

October 12, 2009

Monday 12/10/09

I, Linda Ashford, wish it to be known that on Friday 09/10/09, at TRURO COUNTY COURT, Cornwall, my son, Nick Ashford was completely cleared of all the false allegations made against him by Sarah Louise Ashford, nee Terry, of Walmley, Sutton Coldfield and Newquay, Cornwall.


The District Judge Mitchell after hearing the facts, concluded that “she had made it all up”


I would like to thank our legal team in Truro and also family and friends for their support.